• NativeSpain.com updated and live

    by  • April 15, 2010 • murcia region

    This new version of NativeSpain.com was launched in April 2010. We’ve revamped the site to make it invitation only. In this way we get real information from real people who are genuinely interested and interesting – like you!  (And we’ll keep out the spammers.)

    The old site at www.NativeSpain.com had been overrun by bad people trying to sell you things you didn’t want, show you things you shouldn’t see and “share” money with you that wasn’t theirs. This was really frustrating for you and for me. It meant the real discussion and useful information was lost amongst the rubbish. And lots of you stopped coming to visit.

    The new site is set up differently. All registrations will get approved by me or an administrator. So feel free to invite people to the site to join in the knowledge that only nice, real people will be allowed in. This will mean only people you know and like will get access.

    The site is set up so that you can easily get in touch with like-minded people with an interest in Spain – and you can set up your own groups to discuss what you want, all for no cost. I’ll add content to the site regularly, let me know what you want to read about and see.

    Now I know there are loads of other sites out there for Spain-lovers (I’ll be adding a list of all the great ones) – but this site is a bit different – it’s kind of like facebook for people interested in Spain, but safe and secure, by invitation only! So if you know how to use facebook you’ll find www.NativeSpain.com really easy to use.