• Amenities


    We have tried most of the high-price establishments in town and the good news is that the more reasonably-priced ones offer better food and service! Here are some of our favourites:

    • Pensión Levante is probably closest. It offers a good menú del día. It’s on Carretera Canal, 21 which is on the road towards the castle/house (long way round) when you come from the centre of town. 968 730 454
    • New Luquillas, now called Benamor (not the old Luquillas, which to be honest isn’t that great anymore) – the guys who used to run Luquillas opened this restaurant in 2008, it’s one of the very best in town, well worth the 10 minute walk (only 10 mins downhill, but a little longer on the way back up the hill). It’s on the road out to San Juan, one of the furthest out from town. T: 968 706 464
    • This whole San Juan road is a great place for bars and restaurants and is certainly worth investigating if you like Spanish food and culture. There are clubs on this road too.
    • Dioni just opposite the petrol station as you leave town towards Caravaca de la Cruz, T: 968 706 464.Perfect if you want a good menu del dia, or a snack in the evening. Great for people watching, though it is on a busy road.

    For a fuller list then go to the Town Hall website here. Note, restaurants seem to open and close a lot in Moratalla, so be ware that you might end up somewhere else! The benefit is that there’s lots of new bars and restaurants to discover. Each time we visit we find a new one!


    Saturday is market day in the centre of town. There’s plenty of local produce on sale including salad, vegetables and olives. Beware that parking in the middle of town on Saturday is ‘tricky’ and the local coppers are keen to hand out tickets; best to walk. The market is located at the bottom of town, right near the tourist information point, you won’t be able to miss it. It starts at around 9am, and will finish at 2pm.


    For most foody provisions there are several small-medium supermarkets in town. Beware of parking ‘creatively’, parking tickets do get issued. If you want more unusual things or a better selection, Caravaca de la Cruz is a good bet and only 15 minutes’ easy drive. The large supermarkets in Caravaca also offer customer car parks. There’s a permanent indoor market part way down the main street, this has a couple of meat counters, a fish stall and fruit and veg. There are plenty of butchers in town too, the shops are very small, if you can’t see what you want it’s worth asking as they often have stuff out the back in the fridges.

    For nick nacks there are a few shops at the bottom of town selling all sorts – from gifts to household implements (feretería). There are plenty of  pharmacies (farmacía) in town too, on the steep main street and along the main road into town from Caravacca..


    Moratalla has a large number of traditional bakeries. Most bake twice a day: at the crack of dawn and again around supper time. Go for a stroll at these times of day and follow your nose. Some of the bakeries use traditional wood-fired ovens and these are easy to locate when you spy a large pile of logs. Bread is a staple of Spanish meals – a long stick (like a french stick) is called a barra and if you’re really hungry you can get a redonda, which is a big round loaf. Bread usually comes uncut for you to hack chunks off yourself. Some bakeries will have a slicing machine.

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